[MEL] Pretty face +hot body +amazing service = your perfect sweetheart

Hi baby,
Im doris, 22yo 170cm C cup 47kg i love to make you what you desire happy.i offers: Intimacy, discretion and a meaningful erotic connection. You work against hard, give yourself a reward and come with me or i come to you.
My goal is to bring you to a complete state of bliss and ecstasy. Whether it be hours of fun sexy vài, or longer for a romantic night, let me give you pleasures you need. Allow yourself the opportunity to escape with me and enjoy our evening for an ultimate pleasure.

Service rate:
$ 130/30
$ 180/45
$ 230/60
Touching this is standard service, passionate, intimate pleasure, massage, variety of position, breast slides, blow job with condom, condom sex

Option 2 rate:
$ 170/30
$ 220/45
$ 270/60 Stand service ➕nature oral (BBBJ), 69
Line: 52bb52, please add my line, will have more pic to show you

Whatsapp: 0410 286 709
WeChat: Only Talk on WeChat my006love send pics but no thru, if my pics plz like to add my line or whatsapp
精品 女孩 doris! 高 颜 值 系列 精品 美人 完美 气质 女神, 低价 接 单 绝对 是 严控 个 哥哥 们 的 最爱

22岁170cm 47kg天然 C罩杯.开朗,清爽邻家女神范儿.
大方 有 教养, 随和 健谈, 超强 女友 感!
公主病绝无 皮肤白皙,玩年长腿,
主动 不 冷 场
基本 服务 价格: 130/30, 180/45, 230/60 带 套 口 按摩 挑逗 黑丝 制服 诱惑 有 需要 提前 说, 激情 爱爱

Option 2服务:漫游胸推无套口69服务式 黑丝制服诱惑有需要说提前,激情爱爱
基本 服务 和 option 2 区别 是 裸 吹 69 式 服务
联系 方式:

Line: 52bb52
Whatsapp: 0410 286 709
WeChat: my006love 只 接 单 不 发 图片


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